Arc Design offers the kiosk deployer expert sector knowledge on all aspects of kiosk specification, design and fabrication.

Our first hand knowledge of fabrication costs and processes comes from working in-house at major kiosk vendors. This enables us to select the best one for your project and negotiate the most cost effective way to produce it. As an unbiased third-party we can evaluate your concept's strengths and weaknesses and help to bring it into focus for all stake-holders.

Design & Engineering for kiosk enclosures
Arc design can design your kiosk enclosure and manage the design process from concept to completion, achieving buy-in from all major stakeholders and ensuring an innovative, cost-effective, functional and eye-catching solution.

Sourcing and selection of components
Unsure what display to include? Plasma vs. LCD? 42" vs. 46"? IR touch vs. acoustic wave? Thermal printer v.s laser printer? There are a bewildering array of technologies and component suppliers out there, some are better than others. Arc design has first-hand experience with the technology that drives your kiosk and can help you select the right ones to suit your project and budget.

Project budgeting and preparation of Request for Proposals and Request for Quotes
Arc Design can help you with ballpark production figures and preparation of tight and professional RFP's and RFQ's that will garner cost-competitive bids from kiosk vendors.

Review of bids and proposals for cost and design effectiveness
Once the bids come back we can evaluate them for completeness, value and omissions and negotiate the most cost-effective solution to your project.We can offer expert third-party opinion on an already designed solution to help it be even more successful.

Sourcing a custom kiosk manufacturer
With experience working with a range of manufacturers we can help you select a vendor that has the specific core competencies necessary to successfully complete your project.

Large kiosk deployments and/ or complex technical projects often justify a round of prototyping for functional and aesthetic evaluation. Arc Design can help you through this phase, managing the design and fab process and coordinating sign-off from all stakeholders.

Management of manufacturing partner
Over 11 years experience dealing directly with all the varying vendors needed to produce kiosk projects from sheet-metal to plastic molding and component integrators enables us to keep an expert eye on the process.Arc Design can manage your manufacturing partner throughout the engineering, prototype, production and deployment phases to ensure a timely and successful completion of your project.

Services for manufacturers
Are you a contract manufacturer with a demanding client that wants an original and eye-catching custom design that is in keeping with their branding and already developed aesthetic? Are you looking to develop a range of standard kiosk enclosures that stand-out from the crowd? Arc Design can complement your in-house engineering staff by adding professional, experienced design talent to the mix. We have worked with major kiosk vendors such as Friendlyway and Innoventry to develop their standard range of kiosks and customer specific solutions for clients.